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1 Peter 3:15  but in your hearts reverence Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence;  (RSV)

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Most Recent Articles:

Did Jesus Wrongly Predict A First Century Return in Matthew 24:34?
By Rusty Entrekin
CS Lewis reluctantly conceded to critics who claim that Jesus wrongly predicted a first century return in the Olivet Discourse. If only he had known of this striking evidence that the critics are wrong!

Eschatology Essential to the Faith: The Resurrection of the Dead and Eternal Judgment
By Rusty Entrekin
There is more to eschatology than the antichrist and the three millennial positions! Learn more about two eschatological doctrines that are essential aspects of the Christian faith, and why they are so important.

"Ye Shall Not See It"
By Rusty Entrekin
Contrary to a popular misconception, Jesus forewarned his disciples that they would not live to see His Second Coming.

"Surely I come quickly"
By Rusty Entrekin
Why erchomai tachu most likely describes how Jesus is coming, not when He will come.

A (Somewhat) Irenic Response to Certain Naughty Hyperpreterists 
(Please note that this article is off-site).
By Dr. Dan Trotter
A counter-response to objections raised to Why it is Perfectly OK to call Heretical Preterists Naughty Names.

Our Blessed Hope 
By Bill grimes
My Defense of Orthodox Eschatology

Is It A Duck? On the Error of "Hymenaenism." 
By Dee Dee Warren
Is Full Preterism a revived form of the ancient heresy of Hymenaeus and Philetus?

When was the Revelation of Jesus Christ Written?
By Rusty Entrekin
The testimony of the Church Fathers indicates a date near AD 96.

Why it Is Perfectly OK to call heretical preterists naughty names 
By Dr. Dan Trotter
Why we should be tough enough to call heretics "heretics."

The objection concerning the apostles’ apprehensions of the second coming of the Christ answered.  
By Jonathan Edwards
The great evangelist, in responding to an objection to the Christian faith, also answers the contentions of full Preterism.

Vast Oil Crisis Ahead
By Jim van Heiningen
In the parable of the ten virgins, five were wise, and five were foolish. Some teach that the five foolish ones symbolize backslidden or carnal Christians. Is this true? Missionary
Jim van Heiningen of the New Testament Missionary Union examines this parable and its critical  warning to all who call themselves Christians. For more articles by Jim on a number of subjects, go to

Jots, Tittles, and the Kingdom of Heaven
by Bill Grimes
"For verily I say unto you," Jesus said, "till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled."  If the futurist understanding that heaven and earth have not yet passed away is true, does this mean that the law is still binding on New Testament believers?"

What Must Happen Before the Day of Christ Comes?
By Rusty Entrekin
The Apostle Paul told the Thessalonians not to be alarmed by anyone saying that the day of Christ had come. That day will not come, he explained, until certain things happen. What are these things, and have they happened yet?